Dodgeball 101


  • 6 players per team start touching the back wall on their side of the court.
  • 3 balls in the centre dead zone.
  • 3 runners sprint to the balls and try and bring them back to their wall. Players must not cross the deadzone lines with their feet.
  • Once a ball gets past the player return area it is active



The Games

  • Hitting a player with a ball eliminates them from the game. The ball must not touch anything else before it hits the player.
  • Catching a throw eliminates the thrower and gets one of your eliminated players back into the game. Does not have to be a clean catch but only the catching player may touch the ball.
  • Knocking a ball out of a players hand with a throw eliminates the player from the game.
  • If you are holding a ball you may use the ball to block throws, your hands count as part of the ball while you hold it.
  • The team with the most players must make an attack within 5 seconds of gaining possession of the majority of the balls. The referee will call 5 seconds. If the players retain possession of the majority of the balls after the 5 seconds any player on that team carrying a ball is eliminated.

Other Rules

  • Referee’s decision is final.
  • Self refereeing is important, if you are legitimately knocked out please play honestly and leave the court.
  • Do not step on the court lines, this is both for safety and to get used to strict line rules enforced in tournaments.
  • Enjoy the game and have fun, try new tactics, it’s as much as sport for a smart player as it is for a strong or fast player.
  • Games are 3 minutes long best of 5 rounds.

Alternate & Optional Rules

  • Girls who make a catch get two of their team members back in.
  • Save rule: If you catch a ball that hits off a teammate without hitting anything else then nobody is out, you have saved your friend.