Dodgeball Survey 2015 – General Feedback

Howdy Dodgers,

The survey results are in, and we got some fantastic feedback and suggestions. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

We received 30 responses, mostly from long term regular members. The majority have been with us for more than 2 years and train twice a week. It goes to show how committed our core members are, and just how fun the sport of dodgeball is :)

The reasons for training were pretty varied. Almost everyone comes to hang out and have fun, but there’s plenty of competitive spirits and exercise lovers too.

It’s clear we’ve struck a good balance with training, between having a laugh and improving ourselves. 40% think training is spot on and the average is 5.27 out of 10. Can’t get much better than that!
However, Garvan is under strict instructions to make training 2.7% more intense.

Something that has been on our radar is letting members pay for training in bunches, instead of at each session. People definitely want it judging from responses, but setting up the logistics has been tricky. It’s top of my to-do list though, so watch this space!
The best thing about Dublin Dodgeball has always been the people who are part of it. That’s why it’s so great so many of you want to help out. We’ll be contacting different people in the coming weeks to ask for help, except of course for the few who (in what can only be described as a cruel joke) offered to help out without giving their names!
That’s all, my dodgy peeps

Dodgeball in Action

See dodgeball through the eyes of Ireland International Stephen Fletcher

And here’s all the action from the 2015 Dublin Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball 101


  • 6 players per team start touching the back wall on their side of the court.
  • 3 balls in the centre dead zone.
  • 3 runners sprint to the balls and try and bring them back to their wall. Players must not cross the deadzone lines with their feet.
  • Once a ball gets past the player return area it is active



The Games

  • Hitting a player with a ball eliminates them from the game. The ball must not touch anything else before it hits the player.
  • Catching a throw eliminates the thrower and gets one of your eliminated players back into the game. Does not have to be a clean catch but only the catching player may touch the ball.
  • Knocking a ball out of a players hand with a throw eliminates the player from the game.
  • If you are holding a ball you may use the ball to block throws, your hands count as part of the ball while you hold it.
  • The team with the most players must make an attack within 5 seconds of gaining possession of the majority of the balls. The referee will call 5 seconds. If the players retain possession of the majority of the balls after the 5 seconds any player on that team carrying a ball is eliminated.

Other Rules

  • Referee’s decision is final.
  • Self refereeing is important, if you are legitimately knocked out please play honestly and leave the court.
  • Do not step on the court lines, this is both for safety and to get used to strict line rules enforced in tournaments.
  • Enjoy the game and have fun, try new tactics, it’s as much as sport for a smart player as it is for a strong or fast player.
  • Games are 3 minutes long best of 5 rounds.

Alternate & Optional Rules

  • Girls who make a catch get two of their team members back in.
  • Save rule: If you catch a ball that hits off a teammate without hitting anything else then nobody is out, you have saved your friend.

Dodgeball Open Day – 11th oct

This October, join the Dublin Dodgeball Club for our Open Day extravaganza!  We will be delighted to welcome any newcomers. We promise an afternoon of the 5 D’s of dodgeball and much much more. Irish dodgeball internationals, coaches and members of the Dublin Dodgeball Club will be your guides into entering the wonderful world of Dodgeball!! :)

For all details, check out our facebook event or our meetup page.Final db flyer colour We can’t wait to meet you! (wrenches optional)